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What age can I...


At what age can I visit a Family Planning Centre by myself (without my parents)?

At 14, you can visit Family Planning or see a doctor by yourself.

At what age can I go on the Pill?

At 16, you can go on the Pill (if you are female), but only with a prescription from a doctor. If you are under 16, a doctor is allowed to tell your parents about your visit. But if you are between 14 and 16, the doctor cannot tell your parents about the visit if you ask them not to. It is legal to prescribe the pill to most young women, without their parents' consent.

At what age can I get or buy condoms?

You can buy or get condoms at any age. You can get condoms free from most family planning clinics. And you can buy them from a chemist or supermarket. Condoms are sometimes available from vending machines in public toilets. You are legally entitled to buy condoms at any age.

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