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Virginal bleeding during foreplay

When I fingered my girlfriend the other day she started bleeding. This has never happened before and she was not on her period. Is this normal?

It's difficult to know exactly what the cause of the bleeding is. It is not normal to have bleeding associated with sexual activity, and it could be caused by a number of things.

It's possible that during the sexual touching, your girlfriend's hymen was broken. The hymen is a very thin membrane that partly covers the opening of a girl's or woman's vagina. Most girls break their hymens during childhood, often without knowing it, through regular menstruation (and using tampons) or activities like bike-riding or sport. But in some girls, the hymen stays intact until they begin a sexual relationship. If the hymen is intact, intercourse or sexual penetration with, can be a little painful and there could be a small amount of blood.

If your fingernails are sharp, then it could be that your girlfriend has a small tear in her vulva or vagina caused by the fingernails. If this was the case, the bleeding would probably be associated with pain.

It could also be that your girlfriend has some spotting (small amounts of blood in between a period).

The best advice would be for your girlfriend to see a doctor to ensure that everything is okay.

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