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What turns girls on?

What turns girls on? What gets a girl sexually aroused?

A whole range of things turn girls on, that is, help them feel sexually aroused, 'lusty', 'raunchy' or 'horny'. Girls get turned on by kissing, hugging and touching and caressing, having their breasts touched and kissed, and being gently touched, kissed and licked on their genitals (especially the clitoris - the lump at the top of girls' 'lips' above their vaginas). Girls also get turned on by touching and kissing their partners, doing oral sex, and having intercourse. Keep in mind that many women don't have orgasms from penis-in-vagina intercourse, and other sexual activities will be more pleasurable for them.

Girls don't feel turned on if they feel pressured into something or treated only as a sex object. Just like guys, girls like to feel liked, safe and respected. If you want to have hot sex (whether one-off casual sex or as part of a relationship), show the girl respect, make sure there's no pressure, talk about your desires and listen to hers, and build trust and closeness.

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