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Anal sex with my girlfriend

When I insert my penis into her anus there will be shit on my penis?

I am thinking about having anal sex with my girlfriend but I am afraid that when I insert my penis into her anus there will be shit on my penis. Does this normally happen to people who have anal sex or is it just a myth?

You are unlikely to get large amounts of shit on your penis. But you are likely to get a small amount of the fluid inside the anus on your penis, and this will have small amounts of shit in it.

That's why it's a very good idea to wear a condom during anal intercourse. Anal intercourse is a very effective way to transmit a sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV/AIDS. Wearing a condom prevents infection with an STI or HIV/AIDS.

Also, some guys get an infection in their urinary tract (the tube inside your penis which urine comes out of) from anal sex without a condom. That's because without a condom, you get small pieces of shit inside the urinary opening, and they can cause an infection.

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