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What is anal sex?

Most people use the phrase "anal sex" to mean anal intercourse, when a man's penis enters his partner's anus (arsehole, bum hole or poo hole). But anal sex can also mean when one person touches or massages the other person's anus with their fingers, or kisses and licks their partner's anus.

Some people find these sexual activities very pleasurable. Some people do not. Some people are curious about them. Some people have no interest in trying them. You can decide for yourself whether or not these are something you want to do with a sexual partner.

Some people think that only gay men (male homosexuals) have anal sex That's not true. About one-quarter of heterosexual men and women have had anal intercourse at some point in their lives. And some heterosexual men and women enjoy being touched on their anuses during sex. Also, many gay men do not practise anal intercourse at all.

Some people have anal sex because it feels good, to avoid getting pregnant, for women to keep their virginity, because it is forbidden and therefore more exciting, etc.

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