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Worried about sex drive

I am worried that I may have a really low sex drive.

I'm an 18 year old guy. When I try masturbating, I find it hard to get an erection and I almost never cum. I don't really ever think about having sex and I don't really want a girlfriend. Is there something wrong with me or anything I can do to improve my libido?

Yes, you may have a low sex drive or low interest in sex. People's interest in sex and desire for sex varies - some have a lot, some have a little.

Your difficulty in masturbating and your low libido may not be a problem. Many people lead healthy and productive lives with low levels of sexual desire. Anyway, these may change once you are actually in a sexual relationship.

On the other hand, there may be some physical or psychological factors which are causing a lack of sexual desire. Some men experience erection difficulties and low or no sexual desire because of: illness (diabetes, hepatitis, high blood pressure) and the medications used to treat these; tiredness; or excessive use of alcohol, sedatives or other drugs.

Some men experience low or no sexual desire because of negative attitudes towards sex or towards their own bodies, low self esteem or poor emotional health. Some men experience lack of sexual desire because of problems in their sexual relationship.

It's hard to know what might be going on for you. There may not be a problem at all. But if you continue to be worried about these issues, you could speak to your local doctor or health professional about them. You could think about what physical or emotional factors in your life might be influencing your feelings about and interest in sex. You could look at books on men and sexuality, such as Derek Llewwellyn-Jones' Everyman or Bernie Zilbergeld's The New Male Sexuality.

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