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Find out how menopause may affect your life and what The Canberra Menopause Centre can do for you.

The transition to the menopause can vary in length depending on the woman but troubling symptoms can occur 1-3 years before the last period . In the postmenopausal phase of a woman’s life symptoms like hot flushes can continue for the first couple of years and beyond.


Unfortunately some women can experience hot flushes and night sweats well into their 60’s. For many women, these changes will have little impact on their lives; however, some women may experience symptoms severe enough to affect their health and well-being, and disrupt their lives. Some women might feel anxious about reaching the menopause and mourn the loss of their fertility and youth.

Multicultural Menopause

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SHFPACT, together with CarersACT, produced a Menopause Brochure in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Tongan, as well as PowerPoint presentations in the five community languages.

Menopause is a normal episode in a woman's life, which all women encounter in middle age. Many women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, however, often find it difficult to access information and health support services in a way that is appropriate for them. SHFPACT and CarersACT applied jointly to the Health Promotions Grants (Healthpact) to develop high quality information products and presentations in five community languages.

The project, which involved staff from SHFPACT's Menopause Centre, SHFPACT's Professional & Community Education Program, as well as translators from CarersACT, produced five fabulous brochures, and presented Menopause Information Workshops in community languages to carer groups from CarersACT's "Caring Across Communities" program.

Brochures are available from from SHFPACT. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 6247 3077 to place your order


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