Is fooling around safe?

Written by SHFPACT. Posted in Relationships

My boyfriend and I have fooled around a couple of times.

Things sometimes have gone pretty far, and some of his fluids have touched at least the outside of my sexual organs.

Have we gone too far? Is it dangerous to have been doing this without protection? Or have I just been stressing out about nothing? ie, How far can you go before you can get pregnant?

If your boyfriend cums while his penis is near your labia (lips around the vagina), you can definitely get pregnant. There is also risk of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) including chlamydia, gonorrhea & herpes.

It's important think & talk about safe sex - how you will protect yourself & each other (from unwanted pregnancy and STIs). You can get contraceptive and safe sex advice from your doctor or go to a Family Planning or Sexual Health Clinic.

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