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Everyone's got a bottom

Everyone's got a bottom is a story about Ben and his brother and sister learning and talking together about bodies. It is a tool for parents and carers to gently start a conversation with children about self protection.


Going to Fair Day

Going to Fair Day is book 2 in the Learn to Include series and is about visiting Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day, from the perspective of a young girl.


Hair in Funny Places

How Mr and Mrs Hormone mix their outrageous potions that turn children into adults.....


Is this normal?

Understanding your child's sexual behaviour.


Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From

Answers all your questions about birth, babies, bodies, families and healthy sexuality.


Mommy Laid An Egg

Mommy Laid An Egg: Or, Where Do Babies Come From? is a children's book by English author Babette Cole. It was published in 1994 and won the British Illustrated Children's Book of the Year in that year.


My House

A story about a five-year-old girl, her two mums, her pets and her home. A great book for all children, but especially important as an educational tool for same-sex parented families.


Where Did I Come From?

The facts of life without any nonsense and with illustrations.


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