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Bantam Books Your Prostate, Your Choices Important information for men and their partners .. Product #: B00061 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $24.00 $24.00 1

Your Prostate, Your Choices

Brand: Bantam Books
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Prostate problems are much in the news these days and are the subject of considerable concern. This unique book has been co-authored by one of Australia's leading experts in the field. His knowledge is combined with the talents of an experienced author. Together they provide this accessible guide to the most common problems of the prostate fro men and their partners.The news on the whole is reassuring-- most simple urinary symptoms that men experience can be safely left alone or are easily treated. For those men who have prostate cancer the news may not be as bad as they fear. Cure is possible but treatment may not even be necessary. Whichever of these problems a man may have, there is a range of choice available to him. Only men who are well informed about these options can make the choice that is right for them.

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