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Young Women

Young Women

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How to talk to boys

A helpful and practical guide to what every teenage girl wants to know! Talking to boys is an exciting part of a girl's life — well, exciting and potentially agonising...


Let's Talk about Sex

For kids 10 and up, this definitive book on kids' sexual health brings this trusted resource into the twenty-first century, with a brand-new chapter focusing on safe internet use - one of parents' key concerns.


More Secret Girls' Business

More Secret Girls' Business is a companion volume to Secret Girls' Business. In addition to information about periods, More Secret Girls' Business includes details about physical and emotional changes. It will gives girls greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality.


Puberty and Special Girls

Puberty and Special Girls™ is a puberty resource written for girls with special needs, including girls with iIntellectual disability, physical disability, communication disorder and autism.


Puberty Girl

Puberty Girl is smart, intelligent, fun, colourful and factual and TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. It talks about the big M, the V word (yep – Vagina!), the period costume, PMS, puberty power and even the B word – breasts! This beautifully illustrated book lets you know what to expect, physically and emotionally, as you tread the path to becoming a woman.


Secret Girls' Business

Book intended for young children (8 years +) that explains the changes girls undergo at puberty, using simple text and colour illustrations.



An upfront, matter-of-fact, and teenage-friendly sex education and sexual health guide book, for both boys and girls, in one easy-to-use flip volume.


Special Girls Business

Written for girls with special needs. It takes girls and their carers step-by-step through the process of managing periods.


The Puberty Book

Fellow parents, fear not! Australian health experts Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell's fifth edition of The Puberty Book can provide up-to-date answers to all the tricky questions your child has about growing up and their emerging sexuality.


The Secret Business of relationships, Love and Sex

The Secret Business of relationships, Love and Sex is a book for all young people approaching or already in their teens. It is an educational resource that prepares them for the physical, emotional and social aspects of their emerging sexuality.


What's Happening to Me?

Designed to ease the embarrassment of explaining puberty to children, this book presents the facts of life during puberty. It aims to present them with honesty, sympathy and a sense of humour.


Where Did I Come From?

The facts of life without any nonsense and with illustrations.


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