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SHFPACT offers a free counselling service for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, a pregnancy which they are unsure about continuing.

The counselling provided is unbiased, respectful, non-judgemental and non-directive and aims to provide accurate information and support for women and their partners and/or families who are in these situations. All options are explored and discussed in a safe environment as needed by the individual woman. Referrals to termination of pregnancy services are made as needed, or as requested by the woman.

Appointments are an hour long and can be a one off appointment, or more than one appointment as needed. The counselling is provided by experienced sexual & reproductive health nurses who have undertaken extra training in counselling.

Referral to external counsellors can be made for more complex problems or for relationship issues as needed.

Please call 62473077 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


SHFPACT ‘Pregnancy Options’ booklet.

Information on unplanned pregnancy/abortion:


Adoptions and Permanent Care Unit ACT: dhcs.act.gov.au

Having a baby in Canberra:

Women’s Centre for Health Matters: Publications/ Having a Baby in Canberra wchm.org.au

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For urgent concerns where SHFPACT is unable to respond in the time required please see your GP or the Walk-in Clinic at the Canberra Hospital, or call HealthDirect on 1800 022 222. For assistance in an emergency please call 000 or 112 (digital mobile phone) or 106 (TTY, text based emergency number).

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