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  • Protecting your kids socially and online. Workshops start Monday 4 July 2016 — BOOK NOW! > > Find out more!.
  • Become a member of Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT today! Support and save ! Click here to find out more!!.
  • Help women with intellectual disabilities access information about menopause? Find out more!.
  • Disability Worker Training. Supporting & engaging people with disabilities on topics like sexuality, relationships and sexual health can be a challenging task. Disability Support Workers, Teachers and STAs, Respite Workers as well as Parents and Carers often feel the responsibility of addressing this important work, but lack confidence or resources to do it. Find out more!.

  • Education & Health Promotion. SHFPACT provides evidence-based, honest, age-appropriate sexuality & relationships education for young people in schools and in the community, and offers resources & support for parents & carers.Find out more.

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Winter School Workshops

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Protecting your kids socially and online. Practical skills and guidance for parents, kids, tweens and teens to foster social safety and prevent abuse while navigating puberty.

Are you concerned about cyber safety for your family or talking about personal development and relationships? If you are then, SHFPACT's Winter School is here to help! The SHFPACT Winter School for young people, parents and carers starts Monday 4 July 2016. Bookings are now open!

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Sex education is about protecting kids

Teen Sex Education

OP.ED If sex education is about protecting kids, it also needs to be about empowerment. When I was 19, I went to a GP to ask if two women could give each other sexually transmitted infections. The GP didn't pause to think, or flip open a book to check the facts. She responded, plainly, "No, they can't."

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Does sex count as exercise?

Is sex exercise

Sex isn’t only a pleasurable experience, with some reports claiming the act also has health benefits that can be compared to those of exercise. In fact, the physiological response to sex is similar to that of exercise. Landmark studies in the 1960s showed people having sex had an increase in their respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

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SHFPACT is making our services more affordable for everyone

You’re just a few clicks away from a discounted consultation at SHFPACT!

SHFPACT strives to provide a high quality healthcare service. Our consultation times are generally longer than in general practice, and we provide a specialised reproductive and sexual health service. Quality care is however expensive to provide and the membership discount is one way we can make sure you receive the very best service and the time you need with our team of reproductive and sexual health doctors, nurses, counsellors and educators, without breaking the budget.

Health Professionals

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SHFPACT identifies the importance of all health workers in promoting and supporting the sexual and reproductive health of the Canberra community as well as reducing the barriers to improved sexual and reproductive health.

Parents & Care Givers

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Parents and care givers play an important role in the teaching of sexuality and relationships to their young people.

Most parents and carers know that, just like learning how to play or talk, sexual development is a part of human development. We know that it will happen whether we talk to our children or not. (Talk Soon. Talk often: a guide for parents talking to their kids about sex (2011) Govt. WA, Dept. of Health).

SHFPACT acknowledges that sometimes these conversations can be hard. But we also promote sexuality and relationships education as a lifelong learning experience that cannot simply be learnt through one talk alone, but rather many conversations and experiences. 

Disability Support

Sex & Disability

SHFPACT affirms that individuals with a disability are sexual beings, with the same diversity of sexual feelings, needs, and identities shared by all people in the community.

Teachers & Educators

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Providing sexuality and relationships education in schools is a rewarding and challenging task that teachers and educators should feel supported and confidant to do.

SHFPACT has been supporting public, private and faith-based schools in Canberra to deliver effective, relevant, accurate and responsible sexuality education since the 1970s.

SHFPACT's education, health promotion & clinical services reach thousands of students in Canberra's schools each year.

2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2015 was another successful year for Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT. To view our 2015 Annual Report Online > Click Here

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