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Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinic

Appointments now available!

We are pleased to be the successful applicant in Canberra under a new Australian Government funding round commissioned through Primary Healthcare Networks (PHNs) to improve health system responsiveness to pelvic pain and endometriosis. 


The purpose of the program is to resource existing GP clinics to enhance capability and capacity to manage endometriosis and pelvic pain.

This funding will be targeted at clinics who currently deliver services focused on women’s health, and aimed at improving provision of diagnosis, treatment and management of endometriosis and pelvic pain.

It is expected that these clinics will enable more appropriate and timelier endometriosis care and management, leading to improved outcomes for impacted patients.


Update October 2023: Bookings are now available for SHFPACT’s Pelvic Pain Clinic. Please phone 62473077 to make an appointment

While the project is being established we encourage patients to review with their general practitioner, medical specialist, allied health professional or community health services like SHFPACT as they would have previously.


Update October 2023: Bookings are now available for SHFPACT’s Pelvic Pain Clinic. Please phone 62473077 to make an appointment

Assistant Minister for Health Ged Kearney MP announced the funding for 20 new endometriosis and pelvic pain GP clinics across Australia on 22 March 2023. However it will take some months until the funding comes into place and allows for such increased clinical services at SHFPACT to be appropriately established. Additional clinic capacity at SHFPACT is expected from September 2023. More information will be available on our website once the clinic is operational on what it will be able to offer patients.

SHFPACT’s primary focus in starting this work will be to strengthen the referral pathways between general practitioners, allied health professionals, medical specialists and services provided by the Endometriosis Centre at the Canberra Hospital so that people with pelvic pain symptoms are directed to the most appropriate care, and are supported while waiting for specialist appointments. Specialist services provided by private medical practices and public health care provided by Canberra Health Services (CHS) are under heavy demand and waiting times can be extensive. 

Once new staff are employed over the coming months, the new service at SHFPACT will provide additional health information, lifestyle adjustments and allied health referrals to assist with the management of symptoms while people are waiting for a specialist medical appointment.


What if I already have a diagnosis of endometriosis or referral to specialist?

New clinical services at SHFPACT will complement those available and do not replace the role of your general practitioner or specialist gynaecology service. These services remain the most appropriate points of contact for now.