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Photo of the SoSAFE Box set and cards on a table

SoSAFE! Resource. Talk Touch Triangle Box Set

A new tool to help promote Social Safety.

SoSAFE! provides parents, carers, teachers, counsellors and other professionals with simple visual tools to enhance the training of social, socio-sexual and social safety skills. The explicit, rule-based format allows the learner to respond to situations, including intimate relationships, without having to make discretionary decisions, in response to their feelings or ‘early warning signs’.

The brand new Talk Touch Triangle Wall Chart Box Set contains two complete sets of the updated SoSAFE! Talk Touch Triangle pictographs — which are protected with cello glazed on both sides and high-quality — A3 Talk Touch Triangle poster and information on how to set up the TTT.

It is one of many tools from the SoSAFE! Framework and it’s designed to be used in conjunction with the SoSAFE! Concepts and other SoSAFE! tools. To obtain the entire SoSAFE! Framework including the concepts and tools and become licensed to use the entire suite, you must complete SoSAFE! User Training.

We are busy working on a third edition release of the SoSAFE! Framework and guidance materials. The new Talk Touch Triangle Wall Chart includes some minor changes to the pictographs and the OK behaviours that will be included in that release. 

The box set includes:

  • 2 full sets of SoSAFE! Talk Touch Triangle pictographs
  • 2 large privacy cards
  • A3 Poster
  • Instructions


[ID: Image of the SoSSAFE! Talk Touch Triangle Poster.]