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Video: How are condoms made?

Next time you use a condom — which are still the best way to stop the transmission of STI's and HIV, and also prevent unplanned pregnancy btw — you can thank the totally awesome machines that worked tirelessly to make that moment happen.

Most condoms are made of latex rubber, but they can also be made from lamb cecum or polyurethane. In addition to their contraceptive value, condom use has been found to be effective in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms undergo rigorous quality control tests at every point of the manufacturing process to ensure that condoms meet worldwide requirements.

A condom factory can produce 5 million love gloves a day, according to Wired — and you have to see these prophylactic-making contraptions in action. They dip, rotate, apply a voltage to and vulcanise the latex that eventually ends up as a condom.

Billy Boy Condoms, Lifestyles Condoms, and TrojanCondoms have all posted videos showing us how condoms are manufactured, which is almost as fun as using them. Check them out here..

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