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SHFPACT offers a free Counselling service for women experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy. This counselling service is funded by the ACT government. The counselling provided is confidential, respectful, non-judgemental and non-directive, and aims to provide accurate information and support for women, as well as their partners and/or families if needed. The counselling is provided by experienced sexual & reproductive health nurses who have undertaken extra training in counselling. Referral to external counsellors can be made for more complex problems or for relationship issues as needed. The...

Pregnancy tips

Deciding that you're ready to start trying for a baby can be an exciting time. There can be feelings of eagerness, anticipation, and often some nerves. Here we provide some tips and tools to help you plan and prepare for pregnancy in a positive, proactive way.

Early pregnancy health

Good health and care in pregnancy is very important for both you and your baby, and early pregnancy is particularly important. This information brochure outlines the key issues in early pregnancy health and care, as well as information about what to do next.  WHEN SHOULD I SEE A DOCTOR?  Ideally you should see a doctor before you become pregnant in order to discuss any tests necessary (for example whether you are immune to Rubella or Chickenpox), as well as to discuss any medical problems, medications, and to get advice on supplements in pregnancy.   If this hasn’t happened because your pregnancy...


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