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Me and You

This program helps young people understand their changing bodies, emotional and social needs, and relationships with other people. The program also works closely with parents/carers to enable them to support the developmental journey of the children they care for.

This program is designed specifically for young people aged 10-16 who live with intellectual disability and/or are on the autism spectrum (ASD). The primary focus of the program is to build knowledge and strengthen the capacity of young people and their parents/carers to communicate and successfully navigate the physical, emotional and social aspects of healthy sexual development.

The program is run in a small group format and consists of five sessions. The first session is for parents/carers only and run for two hours. The middle section of the program is comprised of four 3hr sessions that young people attend with their parent/carer. The program is tailored to the specific needs of individual participants, but generally focusses on the following outcomes:

For young people:

  • Identifying public and private body parts, places and behaviours
  • Understanding how bodies grow and change during puberty and over the course of our lives
  • Understanding the purpose of menstruation and different ways to manage it
  • Building protective behaviours to develop healthy habits and prevent abuse
  • Identifying emotions, the role they play and developing regulation strategies 
  • Developing a general understanding of respectful relationships and consent

For parents/carers:

  • Information about healthy sexual development and stage appropriate resources
  • Confidence in communicating with children and young people about sexual development
  • Information on current menstruation management options
  • Frameworks to support children to identify and report inappropriate behaviours 
  • Strategies to support children to understand, articulate and manage their emotions
  • Supporting young people to engage in appropriate behaviours and healthy relationships

Places are limited to a maximum of 6 young people and 6 parent/carers. The program is usually run over the course of a week during school holidays.

$1,920 including GST. It can also be provided under the NDIS Category of Capacity Building/Increased Social and Community Participation for $1,750 (GST Free).

Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT
Level 1, 28 University Ave, Canberra City
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NDIS participants, please complete the online intake form. For Non-NDIS bookings or general queries 02 6247 3077 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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