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Books that affirm LGBTIQA+ diversity

Thanks to a grant from the ACT Government's Capital of Equality Grants Round, 2222 was spent building a resource bank for ACT School libraries.

These resources positively address, reflect and include stories, characters and topics related to diverse family structures, rainbow families, people who are same-sex attracted transgender, non-binary, gender diverse and intersex. A small selection of 10-14 titles were identified for each school level (Early Years, Primary, Secondary and College).

These titles were purchased with grant funds at Hares and Hyenas and YOUth&I (a small intersex youth publication). Over 400 books were purchased, becoming 40 book packs that were distributed to ACT schools who applied.
The book packs were distributed at an afternoon tea on Wednesday 14th of December at Pulp Book Café in Gold Creek. It was a great afternoon and a great way to end the year!

SHFPACT staff members Tim Bavinton (Executive Director) and Gabe Filpi, standing behind hundreds of books packed in fancy black boxes and Celophane.

Affirming diversity in our community

Inclusive environments are important to help all people thrive in our community. On the SHFPACT LGBTIQ+ Resources page, you'll find information, books and other resources to help you make your school, workplace or home more positive and inclusive spaces. 

LGBTIQA+ Resources